Indian Railway Confirmed Ticket Transfer Process

  1. Once in a while we all back out from our travel plan in the moment. Bigger problem comes in picture when u have confirmed ticket which by default will be cancelled & others who were travelling are either in RAC or WL. Best part comes when all have confirmed ticket but the ticket which we want to cancel is lower berth & all others are not. Try to recall what all permutation & combination takes place in our thought process.

Few years ago, The Ministry of Railways came up with few new announcements which were in favour of passengers. Out of those one which was launched for the first time was the provision to transfer our confirmed tickets 24 hrs before ( in some cases 48 hrs)the departure from boarding Station to someone else with certain rules & conditions. These rules or conditions are not at all difficult to follow & same goes with the procedure.

Procedure is quite simple,applies to both e-ticket & i-ticket . You need following documents:

  • Written application clearly stating the names of original passenger & passenger who is going to travel
  • Self-attested Xerox of ID Card of both the passengers along with original
  • One filled reservation form (easily available at reservation counter).

With all this go to the DRM Office if u have in your city & meet Sr.DCM there, he is the right person to help you. If there is no DRM office in your city or if it’s a holiday (Saturday or any public holiday) than contact “Chief Reservation Supervisor” who’s office is usually located near reservation counters. Usually it only takes half an hour to get the work done in normal rush.

Few conditions are also being put up by the Railways:

  • Name can be changed only once.
  • In case of groups request for change in excess of 10% of the total strength of group shall not be granted.
  • Name can be changed only 24 hrs before the departure of train from the boarding station. Few mins delay can also create problem.


This facility not only covers your Family members but other options are also stated in this.

  • You can transfer your ticket to your immediate family member or blood relation but you have to prove your relation to the person who is travelling.
  • Appropriate authority has to make request When the passenger is a Government Servant, proceeding on duty.
  • Confirmed ticket of one student can be transferred to other if the request is given by the Head of the Institute 48 hrs before the schedule departure of train. In this case if group is travelling than also it is possible but not more than 10% of the total strength.
  • When the group of cadet of NCC are travelling than 10% of total strength, tickets can be transferred on the basis of written request of the Head of the group 24hrs before the departure of train.
  • Even in Marriage Group name change is allowed if application is submitted by the Deemed head of marriage party 48hrs before the departure of train.

Seriously process is too simple, with little preparation from our side we can make maximum use of this facility. As I had used this facility personally can vouch for this.

People are really helpful. It’s from our side that little understanding is needed…

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  1. Pari

    hi Deepika

    Is this facility not available online as I mostly book train tickets from the website?

    1. Deepika Bhargava (Post author)

      Hi park, No this is not online as they do changes manually, so you have to go physically.


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