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First International Trip : The great kebab Factory

 The Great Kabab Factory


You salivate when thinking about a particular food, it means it has activated your gastronomical pleasures. Even while writing this I am experiencing the same, I went back into the delicious memory of those aromatic, tantalising, full of spices yummy kebabs.

Its 2.5 months back during my Bangkok trip, When we were informed that an Indian restaurant is booked exclusively for us for our lunch, first thing in my mind came cool, something of our taste but was not sure about the taste of food, will it trigger our taste buds or not as my last 3 meals were good but not great, (great in my definition is which gives u feeling of satisfaction even after eating little). Still trusting our host we reach to the restaurant “The Great Kabab Factory” which is in the premises of Majestic Grand Hotel.

IMG_20140420_182028 (480x355)

IMG_20140420_181922 (480x355)


As soon as I entered inside the Restaurant & first thing is WOW!! Beautiful interiors, Soothing Indian Ambience, Awesome aroma of spices. I took deep breathe. Half battle won by them. U somehow feel that you are standing in some posh restaurant in India. It was lovely. Even weather was in our favour. Its black clouds all around, little drizzling when we reached & later nice shower… wow… outer part of restaurant has open space with small fountain at one corner & nice sitting. I soaked myself little in the rain. Amazing experience.

Hospitality was good. After Settling down we were asked about the preferences of food (veg/non veg). Being vegetarian I was served Sabz Galauti Kababs  with ulte tawa ka Parantha… OHH man, one of the best kebab I had ever eaten. They just melt in your mouth. Even paneer was so fresh & soft that u feel like eating again n again. I got so lost in eating the kebabs that it didn’t clicked to me that main course is also waiting for me. I was too full but still tasted the main course & loved their Dal.

Veg Galauti kebab

Seekh Kebab

Typical Ghar ka sawad which was followed by gulabjamun. WOW!! Is just very small to describe my feeling & the level of satisfaction. This was followed by our very own Masala Chai. What a deadly combination… Rains, Kebabs & Masala Chai.


20160430_142501 (480x360)

Beautiful outside sitting

Their flavours & taste was so amazing that after getting back to India I came in contact with them to know what makes their kebabs so amazing & whether its same in India also or just for offshore. What I came to know was very interesting & something with which I was not aware.

Its after Mongols invasion in Hindukush in 14th century, kabab changed their appearance n taste from just a barbequed salted meat to spiced & barbequed delicious smoky kebabs.

Secret recipe is the key factor in TGKF which owns owns a recipe bank of over 450 kababs that includes many closely guarded family recipes passed down through the ages. Our chefs have mastered this through extended travel to remote areas and after a decade of extensive research and development. The best part all the outlet use TGKF proprietary ‘Spice Packs’ which gives consistency of taste & quality to dish worldwide.

Unique service style is another key factor of TGKF .A different menu is set for each day except their signature kabab as the Galauti and the Burrah. Culinary journey at TGKF begins with fresh salad topped with dressing followed by the repertoire of six varieties of rusty & smoky kababs 20160430_142436 (360x480)accompanied with butter milk. In the main course, you are served daal factory, daal tadka, biryani, and the best of seasonal vegetables, vegetarian or non-vegetarian curries along with exotic Indian breads. To end this royal meal, you are served an assortment of sumptuous and delightful desserts. You carry these tastes till your next visit. There few of most famous kebabas are Subz Galauti ,Kuti Kali Mirch Paneer,Tandoori Bharwan Aloo &  Achari Khumbh in veg. In Non-vegetarian Galauti Kabab,Burrah Kabab, Amritsari Macchi & Jalandhari Chooza


It is the part of UMAK Hospitality an arm of UMAK investments. They opened their first outlet in Delhi at Radisson Blue Hotel in 1996. There after their journey started & no looking back after that. Graced with lots of awards their consistency in their food has bought them to this stage. Maintaining the consistent quality, taste & service, the top management gives credit to their dedicated corporate operations team who do lot of R&D & then enter into the specific market. Quiet interesting….


IMG-20160505-WA0108 (480x270)

Gang of girls..



Now by the time I ended my review naaa my experience, I had already put on few calories merely by thinking about food…. A must try by all food lovers.


I am going soon back to them but this time in pune … trust me  can’t think of something better than gorging on those yummy kebabs with romantic weather on your birthday.… just few days…


See u soon ….


First International Trip : pt3 BANGKOK

room & view (480x480)

MY hotel, My room & view

hotel (480x480)

Top : Welcome Goodies left bottom : lights in hotel right bottom: Thai sweet & Green tea pastry with red velvet cake.

My hour long travel from Suvarnbhumi Airport to Hotel Centara Grand was with lots of mixed feelings…Comparatively small country but nice building, there was traffic jam while going towards my hotel. Finally reached our adobe for 2 days. With warm welcome by beautiful Thai girls dressed in traditional Thai outfit with coconut water & beautiful orchid garland. U will find a huge variety of Orchids in Thailand. Even while coming back u can purchase Orchids on Airport. Considered as one of the best hotel, Grand Centara was indeed up to the mark. Loved the room located on 40th floor facing swimming pool & few beautiful buildings.

Getting good veg food there is a problem as you get limited options to explore, but if you are a non-vegetarian or even eggitarian than you can explore lot of options. In total food was good. I liked there Thai sweet which has the egg in it. Also I liked there green tea flavoured Pastry, this was a new flavour for me. We got the opportunity to dine in their two restaurants “The World” & “Ginger”. I liked there lobby at level 22. There is one corner for the artist where few paintings were there on the display.  Loved the décor of the hotel. Simple yet charming, it attracted me.


20160429_151010 (360x480)20160429_151046 (360x480)

Attached to the Hotel was the Central World, world’s 6th largest mall. To explore it you need complete one day. I just took the walk on 2 floors but saw the entire ground floor where I loved the collection by “NARAYA” which has bags & other daily use stuff in clothes only. There is one small area converted into the chocolate park with huge tree of Ferro rocher & lot of animals carved from chocolate. It was awesome.

I even explored half of the 7th floor as it caters to super market. I did all my chocolate shopping from there only. To promote tourism here u get your VAT back but only if u shop from the participating shops. Market which caters to local business like MBK & Platinum doesn’t have this facility else Siam Paragon & Central world has. Other mall which I got chance to explore is MBK. I  t also has 7 floors. Top floor Movie Theatre & few shops. What I get to know with my experience is more deep towards back u go, the better deal u will get. For souvenirs I found one shop on 7th floor as soon as I step down from escalator where I found things cheap than other shops. .. 5th floor is dedicated to mobile & Accessories. I again picked few typical Thai dress but I went deep inside… over all it was a nice experience. I got the feedback from people that for few things Platinum is cheaper as that mall was started to give local people a place for wholesale & retail dealing. Also go n visit the night market which is not very great but a good experience.

While travelling to wards the reclining Buddha Temple which is third biggest temple in Bangkok, we pass through the “The Grand Palace”, a spectacular building which use to be the home of King of Thailand, now used for all ceremonial & auspicious happenings.


20160430_111657 (360x480)                                   20160430_112001 (480x360)20160430_113658 (360x480)


20160430_113009 (480x360)


The reclining Buddha is 46 feet long & 15 meters tall. They have 3 more layers below the layer of gold first being brick, second plaster & cement and the third is
black lacquer. The feet of Buddha are 5 metres long & has pearls & all other precious stones embedded in it. In fact pillow below Buddha’s head also has pearl & precious stones embedded in it. 108 is considered as auspicious number in Hindus, the same way it is considered as the auspicious number in Thailand. In this temple there are 108 brass bowls are kept where in each bowl u can put coin which are available at the gate. They  say it full fill your wishes.


20160430_111600 (480x360) This temple is also considered as the “the leading school of mass20160430_115743 (480x360)
age “. On the back side of temple there is huge premises which leads towards massage school. It also has 4 Chapels there, made in the remembrance of four old kings. They are the mix of Thai & Chinese cultures. A good quiet place to roam around especially the part which caters chapel. Like Indian temples here also we have to remove our shoes outside the temple.

Bangkok’s Chinatown is popular tourist attraction and a food heaven for new generation gourmands who flock here after sunset to explore the vibrant street side cuisine. At day time, it’s no less busy, as hordes of shoppers descend upon this approx. 1 km stretch and Charoenkrung Road to get a day’s worth of staple, trade gold or pay a visit to one of the Chinese temple. The back street of this china town is also very popular as it caters to second hand goods, car accessories & usually crowded on weekends resulting in traffic jams.

20160430_110455 (360x480)20160430_110717 (360x480)We passed through the road where we saw these beautiful structures & a circle with beautiful carving. Here on special occasions like Royal Families’ birthday or anniversary or mother’s day etc. they display their pics along with the family pics in these structures which has place for pics. In fact our guide told us that here people wear very less gold but they purchase gold for their king & queen. Evening we headed for the cruise dinner on Chao Pharaya River which is in the heart of the city. U can see Rama 1Bridge, Temple of Dawn (Wat Arun), The Royal Grand Palace (Wat Pra Kaew), Rama VIII Bridge…, all look
so beautiful. Thoroughly enjoyed the cruise. In fact I enjoyed every bit of my tour including typical Indian food that too in Bangkok. Yes, u read it right delicious Indian food. It was at “The Great Kebab Factory “. Authentic Indian taste & food was so yumm that you definitely want to visit them again & again. I simply loved the food that I decided to talk to them & want to have detail about them… so wait for next blog….

I missed going to few places like Jewels palace which has huge variety of pearls & semi-precious stones along with few souvenirs & Thai crockery, The weekend market “Chatuchak”, the floating market, Ocean world… now which is my must visit list.

20160501_095552 (480x360)

our Guide for the tour “Leo

The Mentaliser Ehud Segev

The Mentaliser Ehud Segev

Along with my special lunch at “ The Great Kebab Factory “ , I got in touch with so many lovely ladies & learned lot of  good things from them. Also I got the chance to be the part of the show by internationally claimed EHUD SEGEV “The Mentalizer”. He has super powers to get connect to your mind & literally play with your thoughts. He can actually read you r thoughts. It was the Show stopper in my entire tour.

Before coming to end on this part I really like to thank our Host  & it was wonderful to meet few youngsters (Sunaina, Pratikshya, Shashank, Anshu) from the organising team & no doubt their their boss (Simranjit) who at the end of our trip will love his wife more than before (for being less confused).

More on “the Great Kebab Factory” soon……




20160430_111518 (480x360)

with all the lovely ladies…

20160430_121456 (480x360)

“with our Host… ” extreme right : Simranjit 4th from left : Sunaina





U can read more about Ehud Segev on this : http://www.mentalizer.com/