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First International Trip : The great kebab Factory

 The Great Kabab Factory


You salivate when thinking about a particular food, it means it has activated your gastronomical pleasures. Even while writing this I am experiencing the same, I went back into the delicious memory of those aromatic, tantalising, full of spices yummy kebabs.

Its 2.5 months back during my Bangkok trip, When we were informed that an Indian restaurant is booked exclusively for us for our lunch, first thing in my mind came cool, something of our taste but was not sure about the taste of food, will it trigger our taste buds or not as my last 3 meals were good but not great, (great in my definition is which gives u feeling of satisfaction even after eating little). Still trusting our host we reach to the restaurant “The Great Kabab Factory” which is in the premises of Majestic Grand Hotel.

IMG_20140420_182028 (480x355)

IMG_20140420_181922 (480x355)


As soon as I entered inside the Restaurant & first thing is WOW!! Beautiful interiors, Soothing Indian Ambience, Awesome aroma of spices. I took deep breathe. Half battle won by them. U somehow feel that you are standing in some posh restaurant in India. It was lovely. Even weather was in our favour. Its black clouds all around, little drizzling when we reached & later nice shower… wow… outer part of restaurant has open space with small fountain at one corner & nice sitting. I soaked myself little in the rain. Amazing experience.

Hospitality was good. After Settling down we were asked about the preferences of food (veg/non veg). Being vegetarian I was served Sabz Galauti Kababs  with ulte tawa ka Parantha… OHH man, one of the best kebab I had ever eaten. They just melt in your mouth. Even paneer was so fresh & soft that u feel like eating again n again. I got so lost in eating the kebabs that it didn’t clicked to me that main course is also waiting for me. I was too full but still tasted the main course & loved their Dal.

Veg Galauti kebab

Seekh Kebab

Typical Ghar ka sawad which was followed by gulabjamun. WOW!! Is just very small to describe my feeling & the level of satisfaction. This was followed by our very own Masala Chai. What a deadly combination… Rains, Kebabs & Masala Chai.


20160430_142501 (480x360)

Beautiful outside sitting

Their flavours & taste was so amazing that after getting back to India I came in contact with them to know what makes their kebabs so amazing & whether its same in India also or just for offshore. What I came to know was very interesting & something with which I was not aware.

Its after Mongols invasion in Hindukush in 14th century, kabab changed their appearance n taste from just a barbequed salted meat to spiced & barbequed delicious smoky kebabs.

Secret recipe is the key factor in TGKF which owns owns a recipe bank of over 450 kababs that includes many closely guarded family recipes passed down through the ages. Our chefs have mastered this through extended travel to remote areas and after a decade of extensive research and development. The best part all the outlet use TGKF proprietary ‘Spice Packs’ which gives consistency of taste & quality to dish worldwide.

Unique service style is another key factor of TGKF .A different menu is set for each day except their signature kabab as the Galauti and the Burrah. Culinary journey at TGKF begins with fresh salad topped with dressing followed by the repertoire of six varieties of rusty & smoky kababs 20160430_142436 (360x480)accompanied with butter milk. In the main course, you are served daal factory, daal tadka, biryani, and the best of seasonal vegetables, vegetarian or non-vegetarian curries along with exotic Indian breads. To end this royal meal, you are served an assortment of sumptuous and delightful desserts. You carry these tastes till your next visit. There few of most famous kebabas are Subz Galauti ,Kuti Kali Mirch Paneer,Tandoori Bharwan Aloo &  Achari Khumbh in veg. In Non-vegetarian Galauti Kabab,Burrah Kabab, Amritsari Macchi & Jalandhari Chooza


It is the part of UMAK Hospitality an arm of UMAK investments. They opened their first outlet in Delhi at Radisson Blue Hotel in 1996. There after their journey started & no looking back after that. Graced with lots of awards their consistency in their food has bought them to this stage. Maintaining the consistent quality, taste & service, the top management gives credit to their dedicated corporate operations team who do lot of R&D & then enter into the specific market. Quiet interesting….


IMG-20160505-WA0108 (480x270)

Gang of girls..



Now by the time I ended my review naaa my experience, I had already put on few calories merely by thinking about food…. A must try by all food lovers.


I am going soon back to them but this time in pune … trust me  can’t think of something better than gorging on those yummy kebabs with romantic weather on your birthday.… just few days…


See u soon ….


First Internatioanal Trip

I love to travel, to explore new places. May be a small break of a day or two or a week long, everything is welcomed with open arms. Though I had always dreamt of exploring world still I had strongly believed that India is full of amazing places.


Being daughter of a banker father I had the privileged of staying in different parts of India & had visited quiet a few places in different states. Felt proud that our country is soo beautiful & diverse, but when it comes to international trip I instantly got the feeling of a tourist, an international tourist in that country.


International trip was in my wish list from quiet long time. Was not able to fulfill it due to workaholic husband. To fulfill it initially planned to visit a place where some close relative is staying, at least it will give a kick start to my international trip but somehow cancelled it twice, Felt little bad (u can say heartbroken)  but didn’t give up. My dream was still alive.


Like every year was preparing to go to mom’s place for summer vacation, this time hubby was also traveling for his official meet to Bangkok. Deep down the heart I wished (in fact expressed the desire) to go along with him. 3 days before his departure i.e. Monday he informed me that he has preponed my travel by a day. Now rather than Friday I am traveling on Thursday that too I had my flight from Mumbai. I was shocked n amazed.


With lot of butterflies in my tummy, as only 2 days in hand & no packing in place I started my preparation. Got the call from mom to carry few things with me. OK!! Who has the power to overrule mom’s command? 2 days went in hush hush… in mid when I asked him for my flight tickets he said will give u later, which is usually a normal thing. All things set, everything in place we started for Mumbai. In the evening we were at terminal 2 from where we have to take the flight & here comes a big SURPRISE….. Yes a big SURPRISE…..


I am travelling to BANGKOK, my first international trip….. Ohhh my God !! I can’t explain my feeling; I was on cloud 9… Omg. My first reaction kids are also coming with us, but no they are not coming with us, they are going to my brother’s place. All the planning was done by my hubby, kids, ma – papa & my brother. Hubby after knowing that spouse can be part of his visit took swift action to get all the permission. Kids who agreed to stay alone with their mama. Ma papa for supporting kids & last but not the least Brother who changed his few meeting so that he can be with kids when they are with him. What a wonderful family… seriously I am blessed.


In few hours my dream will be a reality, a dream whose horizon is too vast but still all first (be Ur school day, crush, office day) in your life plays important role, so as this trip to me…..







More to come ……