A networker by hobby, Voice over artist by profession, I love to travel & taste different food. My day start with a to do list which usually has one or two new addition & all work take second seat if travel or food comes in.  Love to talk to people and love to be on social networking sites, reading astonishing posts about everything about what’s goin on in the world….  Photography is present in blood cell of mine.. As a mother I am like a plate of MASALA PURI sometimes spicy, sometimes sweet, sometimes tangy, sometimes neutral and so on and so forth.. Driving, Reading & Dancing three other passion which I follow. Rushing my kids to catch second bus to a laid back morning, I love both. Tried hands on being a faculty at a renowned computer institute to a typical home maker to a networker to a voice over artist & now a blogger.

My life is a Rainbow.




Deepika Bhargava