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Straight from stomach’s Heart…

Shahji Parantha, Apte Road, Pune


My first proper eat out after hibernation of approx two months… couldn’t have asked for more….

VFM : Absolutely
Ambience : It’s gud but if in grp little more space is needed…
Staff : Very courteous & has lot of patience..
Service : Super Quick

Food : when 12 beautiful ladies says in one tone it says a lot about that place… it was too gud… it not only satisfy your hunger pang but satisfy your soul also… I was like stomach is full but still want more.. 🙈🙈

We ordered ..

1) Lota Chaach(120/55) : Bang on…

2) Lassi (65): Awesome with perfect sweetness..

3) Tamatar ka Shorba(75) : smell was too gud but I didn’t drank so can’t update about taste …

4) Chur Chur Naan Thali(269): I just loved this… Chur Chur Naan was very delicious, u can eat without any dal or vegetable …. but they serve with dal, 2 vegie, raita & salad… my personal favourite #Highlyrecommended


5) Paranthas : All parantha thali is served with dal/chola , 2 more veg , raita & salad (i may miss name of vegetable served as food made me forgot the name..). Main Difference in stuffing, rest thali is almost same.. Good quantity of stuffing inside each parantha, you actually feel & relish all the flavours of stuffing… each is unique in their own way… tasted all the paranthas….

a) Cheezey Cheese (269) : good one but. I am not too cheesey person.. So will be my last priority…

b) Aloo Cheese (269) : Awesome taste loved the flavours…

c) Paneer (249) : Best option for paneer loving people.. Again too tasty..

d) veg dilli wala (249) : With vegetable  as  stuffing it tastes different from normal stuffed paranthas… again loved the stuffing…


6) Makki ki roti sarson ka saag : Best sarson ka saag eaten till now… man!! Not only Perfect in taste,

Makki Ki Roti Sarson ka saag

flavour & but a treat to eyes also…. served with big dollop of makkhan not only on saag but on perfectly cooked roti also…. served with raita (I felt not needed) & mooli ka salad & gur (Which they served more, happily on my request)…



Along with Chur Chur Naan it was a show stopper… #Highlyrecommended

“Mann bhar ke khaya” is what I will say….

Thanks to Chef Rahull & entire team of Shahji parantha to make us comfortable…

Just one thing which I feel can be improved… they should give little more place between 2 sitting, sometimes it feel clumsy & for group like us a corner place or separate place…

We went to apte road branch..
1205/4, Apte Rd, Deccan Gymkhana, Pune,

Caffa, Baner Road, Pune

Google & you will find answer..

I love & prefer to clarify my general doubts on Google… It’s like search & read & like….

It’s ok till I search content or topic on Google.. it’s fun
If u have to search ingredient in a particular dish which is so common than it’s a trouble….

CAFFA Cafe, Baner road..

This cafe doesn’t want me to leave my habit of googling things & this time it’s ingredients… Usually prefer to avoid things but if you go with blundered mood than a pinch of salt can irritate you..

We ordered

1) Bombay Club sandwich(80) : With nicely grilled but with basic aloo onion Masala, it was soo flat that first I googled details what is Bombay club sandwich & than I googled veggies in  between two bread pieces…. Not at all happy…

2) Virgin Mojito(130): It was just extra sweet lime juice nothing else.. usually i don’t like to replace our food but that day we did & replacement was as it is flat in taste & flavour…. I googled to know what exactly mojito is.. & this was no where close to it.. it lacked that punch.. Sad… 🙁


3) Choco frappè (120): only drink which was good, which I liked….





Place : CAFFA, Baner road

Ambience : Nice

VFM : I need to Google it..



Overall not a good eperience …..

Dil Se Dilli, Baner , Pune

Jate the japan pahoonch gaye cheen Samaj gayena….
This is exactly happened.. planned for some other place but landed at some other for dinner….
We Landed at “Dil Se Dilli” ..
A small eating joint.. simple yet elegant Cafe… I was very much impressed with the cutlery & presentation….
Menu in itself is really tempting… it took me back to north… it’s not a typical delhi menu but  a typical north Indian affair… Few things though we didn’t try but yes I never found in any resutrant in pune..
One to mention is Nagori Aloo.. it’s small size special poori with dahi wale aloo… Very yummy dish which we cook at home especially mom cooked is super delicious..  it’s for my next trip..
Today we tried following dishes…

1) Tikki Chole : yummy… yes perfectly cooked aloo tikki with dal stuffing served with Chole, dahi & chutnis….. 4 tikki in one portion is good but didn’t did the justice with dal stuffing. I felt that rather than 4 small tikki if 2 with more stuffing is served than we can taste stuffing too… but still good dish…
Price : 149

2) Paneer Tikka Combo thali : 2 pc of well marinated & grilled tikka with good quantity of yummy & quiet authentic dal makhani, raita , 1 pc of super soft gulabjamun & 2 butter naan is a good option of limited Punjabi thali…
We loved dal makhani the most..
Price : Rs 259
3) Chole Bhature : 2 pc of Bhatura with Punjabi Chole was total value for money.. though tasty in their own way but outcasted by other dishes…
Price : Rs 79

4) Paneer Seek Kebab : Hero of entire lunch.. super yummy with awesome taste & perfectly grilled .. loved the slight smoky taste… Total value for money… Will go back for this dish…Price : Rs 170


Overall good & yummy food….

Horn Ok Please, FC Road, Pune

Yes name say blow the horn… wave to them & leave saying ok please… we are not interested…

I always appericate the hard work behind any activity especially when its cooking…. but sometimes you are not too positive…Seriously.. don’t want to say this but today’s experience was like this only. I always liked their cleanliness, ambience & food. Today when decided to go for lunch, I was quite excited that going back after a year or more…

But seriously today was not my day..

We asked for “matar kaju” & “chatpata Paneer” that too in medium spicy gravy. After food was served I doubted myself whether knowledge of my Hindi has gone for toss or still it’s there.. but it was there.. but food failed…

Trust me chatpata paneer was sweet & the gravy has the taste of not properly cooked tomato, I doubt if they had used freshly ground tomato paste rather than puree… same goes with kaju matar But we didn’t cribbed for that giving benefit of doubt.

Ups & downs are part of any cooking, understanding this for chatpata paneer , we called the person & told him about our problem & he promised us to get new preparation in medium spicy gravy.. ok but when dish came it was difficult to eat…

We felt that he added only red chilli powder in gravy like we see in movies .. ohh man.. it was difficult to eat.. we told him but he was not ready to accept that something is wrong though he offered to change our dish second time ( I appreciate him for the same). But by that time we lost interest in food…

I tried to talk to Captain or from management team but no one was avaliable. For us, yes day was not meant for us. I felt that their quality or service has fall down since i had visited them last.

Pls note I may not be a trained chef but yes I am cook at my place & I do cook good & could make out little what’s the problem.

So overall not happy with the food today…

VFM : Not at all….

Food Review :FALHAAR, Baner, Pune

Food i feel prepares you to face all kind of situation…. Valid for me also….

want to start my food review section on positive note…..

Yes indeed one of the best time I spend in last a month with the bunch of equally maddening girl gang.. Those jokes, laughter made me forget all my tensions & prepared me for coming days.

This madness was supported by few shots (Hum Tum aur…) & Awesome food…

Jamun Shot
Pic Courtsey : Google

Mango Blast
Pic Courtsey : Google

Jamun Shots: oh my my, they had not changed since the falhaar is started till this new place, opp hotel green park. It’s taste makes u drink second without fail…

Mango Blast : It was ordered by friend but it was almost finished in just few mins before it reached her.. Awesome.. A must try…

Pav Bhaji : one of the best pav bhaji available in my area as far as my knowledge is concerned…

Grilled Sandwich : not aware with the name as ordered by gang but taste was too gud….

Taste : Food was good..

Ambience : it’s simple but gud…

Staff : Very nice.. infact will like to appreciate their patience, with 16 ladies together along with few other guests & with smile they were accepting our order (frankly smile was due to courtesy or due to our non stop jokes & giggles, I am not sure but whatever is the reason they were smiling). So I think 1/4 battle already won..

VFM: I always believe value for money is one’s perception.. for me it is.It costed us 250/head where I think all had gone for min 2 shots, pav bhaji, few sandwich & 3 or 4 mocktails.

For me it’s was wonderful break…

Keep it up team FALHAAR…..