Being Gorgeous

Everyone dream to full fill this wish….

Maheshwari Sarees

The most sexy yet most graceful outfit in the world indeed “SAREE”. Drape it in the way u want, they always makes u look beautiful. Looks extremely sophisticated, charming, and elegant. A big fan of sarees, always find a reason to drape one.

I love to collect different variety of saree from different region & my travel to do list always have the point to pick the local saree or local outfit. I had collected lot many but still lot to be the part of my wardrobe. In that missing list is the “Maheshwari”.

FB_IMG_1459273112162 (318x480)

Surabhi Bakshi pic credit : Priti Desai


It attracted me when Surabhi called me to do the photoshoot for her brand “Thread Tales” ( ). Bright vibrant fresh yet subtle colors charmed me, its light weight brought a smile on my face that it can be wore any time of the year.It has a reversible border, so it can be worn on both sides. I was more amazed that now along with saree for which maheshwari is famous stoles, suits, dupattas are also available in the same fabric to match the current fashion statement & also giving opportunity to the ladies to flaunt maheshwari in this fast pace life without draping saree.

I got the opportunity to shoot for the range of dupattas, from embroidered to thin zari border, all are hand woven. Few pics from the shoot.

IMG_289518 (320x480)

Jute finish border with hand embroidery…


IMG_290418 (320x480)

Dupattas with Golden Borders….

IMG_288918 (320x480)

  Plain Dupatta with jute finish border









I surfed net to get the history of “Maheshwari” & it bought the big smile on my face. Beautiful sarees were conceptualized by a women herself, Queen Ahilyabai Holkar. It all started in 18th century when she called the weaver from Malwa & Surat to make 9 yards exquisitely designed silk saree to be gifted to royal guests & relatives of the palace. As they were first produced in Maheshwar, a city in Khargone (MP), they got the name of “Maheshwari”.

These sarees were initially weaved in silk but with passage of time pure cotton or cotton mixed with silk also came up as major fabric bringing it in affordable range. They have beautiful designs including stripes, checks & floral border. Some famous designs includes “ चटाई ( Mat) ” , “ चमेली का फूल (Jasmine Flower)” , ईंट (Brick)”, “ हीरा (Diamond)” patterns.. Unique pattern of stripes on aanchal, with motifs of petals and leaves in geometrical patterns, borders inspired by architectural walls of forts and mahals of that era represents sophistication and class.

There are 5 major categories based on their design pattern. These are “Chandrakala & Baingani Chandrakala” are plain where as “Chandratara, Beli & Parbi” has striped or checked patterns.

One more interesting fact I got was due to the use of non-fast colors after 2nd WW (1945) led maheshwari market to acute crisis as the supply of synthetic color from Germany got disrupted due to war. Initially natural dyes were used in Maheshwari like Sattalu rang extracted from the red of the Sattalu plant. Brown was obtained from Harada and yellow from the Pallas flower. 

loom pic Setting of Handloom & Design Pattern…..

After seeing so much up n down in its history this fabric maintained its charm. Now the part of my wardrobe, I strongly believe that one should have at least one outfit made of this fabric.

collage final

Mix of Maheshwari Fabric..

 Bringing more to sarees soon….











Being Women….



Wish u all Happy Womanhood

No other creation in this world can beat the feel & the glory of being a women. Not going much into the history or the facts, it just started on March 8, 1908 in New York when women raised their voice for better working conditions, higher pay, and the right to vote. This day was declared WOMEN’S DAY in America in 1909 & just a year later, in second International Conference of Working Women, the idea for International Women’s Day was proposed. As a result, the first international celebration occurred the very next year in 1911.

But as far as Indian culture is concern, we had respected women in ancient times, gave them the rights to speak & to work, though I still say not the best but yes, we were far ahead in our approach towards the women.

I always say & thoroughly believed in ,” I am beautiful but never scared of scars on my face or on my body which I got while fighting for my family or truth, I am soft but I am too tough to endure, I am delicate but can amaze anyone with my strength, I want a hug from you but can heal you with my hug, I do cry but this doesn’t mean that I am scared but it’s my way of expression of grief, doubt, love, hatred or may be pride. I am fat but my motherhood made me more beautiful & energetic. I don’t go to office but I am independent & capable enough that in tough condition I can earn living”.

This is not my story but it belongs to all the women around the world. One creation who is master of all, a multitasker, biggest economist, cook, engineer, doctor & so on.

I personally believe that if a women is able to do so much is all because of a man. That could be the result of their love, their confidence, their doubts, their suspicion, their betrayal or their torture. But thanks & salute to those who were with their wives in her thick & thin.

I read this quote somewhere “A man of Quality will always respect Women’s Equality”

Love & Respect A Women…

Before I say adieu,

नारी तू नारायणी क्यूँ इस जहाँ से डर रही,
तू ही जीवनदायिनी क्यूँ मरने से पहले मर रही
तुझ से जीत जाने का यम ने भी न साहस किया,
शिव भी चरण के नीचे थे जब तूने अट्टाहस किया
उठती थी तुझ पर निगाहेँ आज वो झुकने लगे
तोड दे उस हाथ को जो तेरी ओर बढने लगे
न किसी पर कर भरोसा खुद ही चंडी रूप धर
हाथ जो जिस्म पर उठे काट दे भूमी पे धर…

नारी तू नारायणी इस जहाँ से न डर,

Be fearless & Spread love…