Birdie trying to settle & adjust in her new adobe. Adobe which is far from her first home ,not only in terms of distance but also in terms of mental thought process (a first thought in her mind). She is bit nervous , how she will adjust here . YES… Here at her new home ,she is feeling that purposely lot of road blocks are created for her not only in physical form but more in mental form that too in their mind. It’s just not the perception of what people will say but more for their comfort level or their benefit. She is in dilemma how to cope up. In this family people are not able to accept her as an individual leave about accepting their simple mistakes like verbal abuse, mental abuse, being judgemental etc without realising what is their standing & how its affecting her. Just she has to adjust as she is from other home. Not only her but also her parents. How mean… 🙁

SAD !!!!!!

This trauma is faced by many girls in today’s time also. Though we claim that it’s 21st century ,still it happens &  mostly behind the door. People are soo self centered I realised after listening to this Birdie’s tale. Few are her own & few were shared with her. How so called  literate people, well off people can be insane. It will wrong to judge anyone’s mental status with their social status. Just that in lower class people are less literate usually things are wide open where as in upper or middle upper or even middle class things are under the wrap.

How we are able to change this, I firmly believe that change start from own … Stop expecting, yes.. If expectation is meet than that will lead to a notch higher expectation & if not meet, leads to array of abuses….. Both the cases are extreme. Though easy to say & difficult to live, a genuine try is must.. 🙂



Will be back with few tales from different birdies…..