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First International Trip : Pt 2

I absorbed the fact that I am travelling. Got little time to read about Bangkok, so was absolutely raw about the country.   We headed to terminal 2 of Chatrapati Shivaji International Airport.  What an airport… whatever I had heard about it, it was beyond that narration. Glad to know that it was awarded as the best airport in central Asia & India. After few selfie we headed towards the entrance gates, every entrance gate has electronic display to tell which airlines has their counters on that gate though u can enter from any gate & reach to respective airline counter.

I was travelling with Air India. There was long queue for check in. There I realised that it’s better to do online check in as u can choose seats of ur choice & most important you avoid long queue as there was a separate counter for online check in. U can do online check in using this link: . Keep Ur e-ticket number & passport number handy for online check in.

Crossing security we reached to immigration counter… 20 mins & I got the stamp… wow… now legally also I am travelling.  After this I was free to explore the beautiful airport & it’s museum. Though didn’t had the much time to roam around. Still fell in love with whatever little I saw.


20160429_001917 (480x360)

Started with the huge place dedicated with duty free shops especially the liquor. even a non drinker like me will get carried away (i was so much fascinated that almost my hubby got convinced to gift me one bottle as a remembrance 😉 ) though i didn’t picked any… 🙁 n with heavy heart i moved little ahead  )

There was a nice small garden waiting for me,feels good to see greenery around you. Moving ahead there were the gates for boarding, so beautiful that i forgot to click pics. While heading towards my boarding gate (no 85), I got chance to see Mr. Ratan Tata, by the time I realized who he is I lost the chance to even wish him. But hoping for better luck i moved ahead towards Museum.



20160429_010020 (360x480)

20160429_010247 (360x480)It has some ancient artifact , some modern & contemporary. It was beautiful showcasing entire India, it’s culture, it’s diversity, it’s uniqueness.. depicting different vibrating colours , moods, expressions of a beautiful soul where my heart is… INDIA. Clearly spreading message of

” अनेकता मे एकता “




20160429_005618 (360x480)

Even the lights were done so beautifully, my favourite was lights in the shape of our national flower lotus. Some full bloomed, some half & some waiting to be bloomed. (Visit museum virtually: ).

Area around every boarding gates is also extremely beautiful. i felt that we should have 2-3 hrs free with us to explore it.

Being a silent airport u have to keep check on the time of boarding on Ur own otherwise there is fair chance to miss flight. I was just on time.

few pics of art work near boarding gate

20160429_010911 (480x360)20160429_010918 (480x360)

20160429_010932 (480x360)20160429_010934 (480x360)

20160429_010845 (480x360)20160429_010006 (480x360)



Arrival Departure Card

Had nice 4.5 hrs flight & before landing staff gave us ” arrival & departure card “ of Thailand, which are a must whether u have visa or its visa on arrival.It’s a simple form which need your basic details.

If u already have visa than after landing go directly towards the immigration counter otherwise go to the visa on arrival section. Here u have to fill a form again with details. U will get this form while entering visa on arrival gate but I will suggest that u use online facility as there are very few people right now who are using this facility ( i thought after seeing very few people on that counter.). U can fill online form using this link . (When u click on link the browser will show any page stating it’s unsafe but click on advance, there at the bottom u will get link. Click on link or continue  & u will be directed to the page, fill details & take the print out of the page).




With this form you need few documents:

  • 1 visa photograph (4*6 cm) with white background clicked within 6 months of travel.
  • 1000 baht as visa fee for normal process & 1200 baht for fast process.
  • Should have return ticket within 15 days.
  • Evidence of adequate finance (10,000 baht/person 0r 20,000 baht/ family) (I was carrying my last 6 month bank statement. Banks give these statement for visa purpose)
  • Verifiable place of stay in Thailand.
  • Valid passport or travel document with minimum 6 month validity.
  • Arrival & departure card.

(U can fill this form while standing in queue that saves time.)



20160521_221444 (360x480)

Once u reach the counter , with all relevant documents it hardly takes 5 mins for verification & in another 10 mins u get your visa. Than head towards immigration & than towards conveyor belt. One more imp thing, keep your departure card safe as u will need it at the time of flying back.

You are now an international tourist 3500 kms away from your own country. I loved the feel of international tourist, the process , the smell of other country’s air.. everything…..




3 days of fun in Bangkok & I was returning back. The process was same except that this time I did the web check in, so avoided the queue. Also here in Thailand at security check u have to remove your shoes & belt also. Immigration was also swift (remember to keep departure card safe) with 15-20 mins waiting time & than flying back home.


More on Thailand coming soon…..


First Internatioanal Trip

I love to travel, to explore new places. May be a small break of a day or two or a week long, everything is welcomed with open arms. Though I had always dreamt of exploring world still I had strongly believed that India is full of amazing places.


Being daughter of a banker father I had the privileged of staying in different parts of India & had visited quiet a few places in different states. Felt proud that our country is soo beautiful & diverse, but when it comes to international trip I instantly got the feeling of a tourist, an international tourist in that country.


International trip was in my wish list from quiet long time. Was not able to fulfill it due to workaholic husband. To fulfill it initially planned to visit a place where some close relative is staying, at least it will give a kick start to my international trip but somehow cancelled it twice, Felt little bad (u can say heartbroken)  but didn’t give up. My dream was still alive.


Like every year was preparing to go to mom’s place for summer vacation, this time hubby was also traveling for his official meet to Bangkok. Deep down the heart I wished (in fact expressed the desire) to go along with him. 3 days before his departure i.e. Monday he informed me that he has preponed my travel by a day. Now rather than Friday I am traveling on Thursday that too I had my flight from Mumbai. I was shocked n amazed.


With lot of butterflies in my tummy, as only 2 days in hand & no packing in place I started my preparation. Got the call from mom to carry few things with me. OK!! Who has the power to overrule mom’s command? 2 days went in hush hush… in mid when I asked him for my flight tickets he said will give u later, which is usually a normal thing. All things set, everything in place we started for Mumbai. In the evening we were at terminal 2 from where we have to take the flight & here comes a big SURPRISE….. Yes a big SURPRISE…..


I am travelling to BANGKOK, my first international trip….. Ohhh my God !! I can’t explain my feeling; I was on cloud 9… Omg. My first reaction kids are also coming with us, but no they are not coming with us, they are going to my brother’s place. All the planning was done by my hubby, kids, ma – papa & my brother. Hubby after knowing that spouse can be part of his visit took swift action to get all the permission. Kids who agreed to stay alone with their mama. Ma papa for supporting kids & last but not the least Brother who changed his few meeting so that he can be with kids when they are with him. What a wonderful family… seriously I am blessed.


In few hours my dream will be a reality, a dream whose horizon is too vast but still all first (be Ur school day, crush, office day) in your life plays important role, so as this trip to me…..







More to come ……

Maheshwari Sarees

The most sexy yet most graceful outfit in the world indeed “SAREE”. Drape it in the way u want, they always makes u look beautiful. Looks extremely sophisticated, charming, and elegant. A big fan of sarees, always find a reason to drape one.

I love to collect different variety of saree from different region & my travel to do list always have the point to pick the local saree or local outfit. I had collected lot many but still lot to be the part of my wardrobe. In that missing list is the “Maheshwari”.

FB_IMG_1459273112162 (318x480)

Surabhi Bakshi pic credit : Priti Desai


It attracted me when Surabhi called me to do the photoshoot for her brand “Thread Tales” ( ). Bright vibrant fresh yet subtle colors charmed me, its light weight brought a smile on my face that it can be wore any time of the year.It has a reversible border, so it can be worn on both sides. I was more amazed that now along with saree for which maheshwari is famous stoles, suits, dupattas are also available in the same fabric to match the current fashion statement & also giving opportunity to the ladies to flaunt maheshwari in this fast pace life without draping saree.

I got the opportunity to shoot for the range of dupattas, from embroidered to thin zari border, all are hand woven. Few pics from the shoot.

IMG_289518 (320x480)

Jute finish border with hand embroidery…


IMG_290418 (320x480)

Dupattas with Golden Borders….

IMG_288918 (320x480)

  Plain Dupatta with jute finish border









I surfed net to get the history of “Maheshwari” & it bought the big smile on my face. Beautiful sarees were conceptualized by a women herself, Queen Ahilyabai Holkar. It all started in 18th century when she called the weaver from Malwa & Surat to make 9 yards exquisitely designed silk saree to be gifted to royal guests & relatives of the palace. As they were first produced in Maheshwar, a city in Khargone (MP), they got the name of “Maheshwari”.

These sarees were initially weaved in silk but with passage of time pure cotton or cotton mixed with silk also came up as major fabric bringing it in affordable range. They have beautiful designs including stripes, checks & floral border. Some famous designs includes “ चटाई ( Mat) ” , “ चमेली का फूल (Jasmine Flower)” , ईंट (Brick)”, “ हीरा (Diamond)” patterns.. Unique pattern of stripes on aanchal, with motifs of petals and leaves in geometrical patterns, borders inspired by architectural walls of forts and mahals of that era represents sophistication and class.

There are 5 major categories based on their design pattern. These are “Chandrakala & Baingani Chandrakala” are plain where as “Chandratara, Beli & Parbi” has striped or checked patterns.

One more interesting fact I got was due to the use of non-fast colors after 2nd WW (1945) led maheshwari market to acute crisis as the supply of synthetic color from Germany got disrupted due to war. Initially natural dyes were used in Maheshwari like Sattalu rang extracted from the red of the Sattalu plant. Brown was obtained from Harada and yellow from the Pallas flower. 

loom pic Setting of Handloom & Design Pattern…..

After seeing so much up n down in its history this fabric maintained its charm. Now the part of my wardrobe, I strongly believe that one should have at least one outfit made of this fabric.

collage final

Mix of Maheshwari Fabric..

 Bringing more to sarees soon….











A drive for the love of Pizza

रूठने के कई फायदे होते हैं, उसमें से एक का आभास मुझे अभी कुछ दिन पहले हुआ. ज्यादा सोचिये मत मैं खुद ही बता देती हूँ , अपनी ख़ुशी मुझसे छुपाये नहीं छुप रही.

गाना सुना है आपने ” चल चल long drive पे चल “, बस बस …. बिलकुल सही समझे हैं ,

long drive और उस पर पिज़्ज़ा…. Deadly Combination….

जी हाँ           20160214_155357 (480x270)    pizza..

ये नहीं कहूँगी की पिज़्ज़ा पुणे में नहीं मिलता. मिलता है, आजकल बहुत सारे Restaurants हैं जो Italian Cuisine के लिए मशहूर हैं, पर ये long drive और ये lunch अपने आप में बहुत special था | कुछ अनबन की वजह से मूड ऑफ था, कुछ रोज़ के कामों से परेशान थी, मेरी खामोशी सब से सही नहीं गयी | Solid planning हुई और सुबह घोषणा हुई की जल्दी तैयार हो जाइए | असमंजस सी मैं चुपचाप  निर्देशों का पालन करती गयी|

जैसे ही कार ने गति पकड़ी मैं न चाहते हुए मुस्कुरा दी , मुझे महाराष्ट्र के hill station Mahabaleshwar  लंच के लिए ले जाया जा रहा था| दो घंटे की ड्राइव के बाद हम Mapro Garden पहुंचे |


20160214_161036 (480x270)


स्वागत गणपति की खूबसूरत प्रतिमा से हुआ |उनको नमन करके हम आगे बढे तो पेट ने भूख का संकेत दिया |
हवा में Clay Oven में bake होते Pizza की महक थी और सामने ताज़ी strawberries से बनी  fresh strawbeery cream & shake दिख रहे थे| Diet Madam को बोला, आज तुम्हारी छुट्टी है और पति व बच्चों की मनुहार के बाद बेचारी मान भी गयी ( कोई और चारा भी तो नहीं था )|


20160214_155418 (480x270)20160214_155251 (480x270)

मैं भी एक छोटे बच्चे की तरह Clay Oven के सामने जा कर खड़ी हो गयी और पिज़्ज़ा को bake होते देखती रही | उफ़ कितना स्वादिष्ट लग रहा है , वाकई बहुत स्वादिष्ट भी था | इतने अच्छे लंच के बाद, मैं अपनी पसंदीदा जगह गयी जो उनका Orchid Flowers का गार्डन है , अत्यधिक सुन्दर | कुछ पलों को कैमरे में कैद किया और घर लौट लिए |

20160214_155404 (480x270)        20160214_155816 (270x480)

चलते चलते मुझे खज़ाना मिला…. जी हाँ मुझे मिली strawberry , Gooseberry & Raspberry. जो खाए हुए मुझे अरसा हो गया था|


IMG_20160215_095924 (480x360) IMG_20160215_100000 (480x360) IMG_20160215_095929 (480x360)

रास्ते में  सोचती रही कितनी किस्मत वाली हूँ जो मेरा परिवार मेरी छोटी सी मुसकराहट के लिए कुछ भी कर सकता है | ये trip मैं कभी भी नहीं भूल सकती हूँ | लौटते वक़्त बादलों को ढलते सूरज के साथ अठखेलियाँ करते देख पीछे बैठे मेरे बच्चों की खिलखिलाहट और अच्छी लगने लगी क्यूंकि दिल में सुकून था, तसल्ली थी , ख़ुशी थी  |

IMG_20160214_173445 (480x360)  IMG_20160214_173434 (480x360)

ऐसी ही और यात्राओं का सपना संजोये मैंने मन ही मन भगवान का और बच्चों व पति का Ice Cream की Party दे कर शुक्रिया अदा किया ( वो बात अलग है की बिल पतिदेव ने ही भरा आखिर हूँ तो पत्नी ही ना 😉 ) |

जल्दी ही मिलते हैं कुछ और अनुभव के साथ…….

Being Women….



Wish u all Happy Womanhood

No other creation in this world can beat the feel & the glory of being a women. Not going much into the history or the facts, it just started on March 8, 1908 in New York when women raised their voice for better working conditions, higher pay, and the right to vote. This day was declared WOMEN’S DAY in America in 1909 & just a year later, in second International Conference of Working Women, the idea for International Women’s Day was proposed. As a result, the first international celebration occurred the very next year in 1911.

But as far as Indian culture is concern, we had respected women in ancient times, gave them the rights to speak & to work, though I still say not the best but yes, we were far ahead in our approach towards the women.

I always say & thoroughly believed in ,” I am beautiful but never scared of scars on my face or on my body which I got while fighting for my family or truth, I am soft but I am too tough to endure, I am delicate but can amaze anyone with my strength, I want a hug from you but can heal you with my hug, I do cry but this doesn’t mean that I am scared but it’s my way of expression of grief, doubt, love, hatred or may be pride. I am fat but my motherhood made me more beautiful & energetic. I don’t go to office but I am independent & capable enough that in tough condition I can earn living”.

This is not my story but it belongs to all the women around the world. One creation who is master of all, a multitasker, biggest economist, cook, engineer, doctor & so on.

I personally believe that if a women is able to do so much is all because of a man. That could be the result of their love, their confidence, their doubts, their suspicion, their betrayal or their torture. But thanks & salute to those who were with their wives in her thick & thin.

I read this quote somewhere “A man of Quality will always respect Women’s Equality”

Love & Respect A Women…

Before I say adieu,

नारी तू नारायणी क्यूँ इस जहाँ से डर रही,
तू ही जीवनदायिनी क्यूँ मरने से पहले मर रही
तुझ से जीत जाने का यम ने भी न साहस किया,
शिव भी चरण के नीचे थे जब तूने अट्टाहस किया
उठती थी तुझ पर निगाहेँ आज वो झुकने लगे
तोड दे उस हाथ को जो तेरी ओर बढने लगे
न किसी पर कर भरोसा खुद ही चंडी रूप धर
हाथ जो जिस्म पर उठे काट दे भूमी पे धर…

नारी तू नारायणी इस जहाँ से न डर,

Be fearless & Spread love…

Jaan Pehchaan

A networker by hobby, Voice over artist by profession, I love to travel & taste different food. My day start with a to do list which usually has one or two new addition & all work take second seat if travel or food comes in.  Love to talk to people and love to be on social networking sites, reading astonishing posts about everything about what’s goin on in the world….  Photography is present in blood cell of mine.. As a mother I am like a plate of MASALA PURI sometimes spicy, sometimes sweet, sometimes tangy, sometimes neutral and so on and so forth.. Driving, Reading & Dancing three other passion which I follow. Rushing my kids to catch second bus to a laid back morning, I love both. Tried hands on being a faculty at a renowned computer institute to a typical home maker to a networker to a voice over artist & now a blogger.

My life is a Rainbow.




Deepika Bhargava